Patrick Couch
Hey how are you doing today?

I pray that when you come to my page that you are in good health & high spirits! As for myself I'm maintaining on all angles despite the situation i'm in, I'm always grateful to view another day.

I'm 26 years young and a Virgo. I'm 6'0 with an athletic build.I am a sports fanatic and basketball is something I do on the regular. I'm from Norfolk, VA but originally from Memphis, TN.

Now as you take this journey on my page I hope you seek what you came to find. A few things I live by are Honor, Respect, Trust and most of all Loyalty! With Loyalty, it brings love, Honor, Respect and Trust! If you need someone like myself around to brighten up your day as well as a person that won't just view you for looks but view your inner beauty also well i'm your man.

I'm looking for a female companionship but i'm also looking for a female that can compliment my stride and vision. I don't want to be a burden upon you or you be a burden upon me it's a two way street when you're trying to make something work. I need a person who can help take my mind away from this hell hole. These people have me locked away physically but they can't lock my mind up.

Hit me up if you're interested in learning more/ getting to know me...
Patrick Couch  # 1415382
Wallens Ridge State Prison
P O Box 759
Big Stone Gap, VA 24219 USA
African American
Armed Robbery
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