James Waller
I'm an Irishman from Jonesboro, AR. 

I love life and look forward to my second chance at living it. "A life in isolation is a life in preparation". I spent my days bettering myself. Mind, body and soul. Because I never know who or what life will bring my way.

I read a lot and I educate myself. I study Spanish, read my Bible, and work at developing different trades. I like Dean Koontz, Lee Childs, George R R Martin, and Dan Millman and I stay steady reading my men's magazine so I can stay sharp about the world and how my life as a man might be some day.

I work out and exercise frequently and am very interested in health and nutrition. I experiment with diets and test my discipline regularly so I can better know myself. I believe a drug free and sober lifestyle is what's best for me. And the best for me is what friends, family, and the world deserves.

I want to meet a woman who has a great sense of humor and who loves to laugh. A woman who will be my friend above all else. Cuz I like talking about music, shopping for T-shirts and cookin'. I'd like to sit and talk about absolutely nothing sometimes. Maybe my love of Guy Ritchie movies or her love of dogs.

In the end, I'd rather listen to a woman tell me about what she wants out of life. Because not only do I want a friend, I want to be one. I want to know what you seek she likes, the book she reads, what food does she like, and what are her thoughts and feelings about what happened to her today. Ask me anything you want.
James Waller # 140769
P O Box 970
Mariana, AR 72360 USA
Women, Donations
Caucasian, Irish
2nd°, Drugs, Firearms
Release Date
Ad Start: 03-30-17
Ad Expiration:03-30-18