Brandon Griffith
Brandon Griffith  #  13A4655
Wende Correctional Facility
Wende Road P O Box 1187
Alden, NY 14004-1187 USA
My lady dear Queen,
This is about more than good looks. And sweet words it's the door into the world; of a truly unique individual in all his affairs. An attempt to attain a level of consistency is more than a requirement; it's all trust must be established, respect her they built upon a solid foundation: of a loyalty forged a sense of compassion builds a bond that will be nurtured over time; captivating your mind this isn't a mere walk in the park. His teacher through a lifetime. The essence of souls connected through an uncontrollable force. Destined to be, whole this is a space where opportunities are endless where hopes and dreams wishes are in tune with true and unaltered act of sincerity-The prologue to a book yet to be written unconditionally, far from perfect yet real no illusions or games, no assumptions just truth-the results of an open mind, willing heart, in caring soul.

A hug for today smile tomorrow will forever. This is less about searching as it's about finding the trials and tribulations of the pursuit, only justifying the glory of the results-Patience poured to the foundation embedded in the fabric of something so pure a grand design that was birthed in the heart and instructed in the mind-chasing the dream of something so complete a step that time, piecing together the puzzle, until the result is my own perfection-

Take a step join me on a ride allow yourself the opportunity to experience joy-My hand is extended ready to begin. I've opened the door; take a step in… You can see my photos on Facebook: Savant Swagger is my user handle email is (I cannot receive emails). I apologize writing from the penal system. You can write me here at the prison.

I am 34 years old, 6'2" black Caribbean/Hispanic. I've never been married and I have no children but once the right someone will change that.. I hope you choose to transend with me let me enhance your life through powerful and meaningful friendship, kindness, strength, in loyalty (food for thought) In shallow minds The fish of small thoughts cause a lot of commotion yet and magnanimous oceanic  minds the wails of inspiration cause hardly a ruffle!

I'm a down to earth ever-expanding brilliant individual with countless drives in goals with a tremendous spirit. I will surpass this tenebrific state of living and will not be denied my throne Emperor of one's righteous kingdom! My heart and will is tenacious one who possesses a sagecious mind through life's quest for love peace and happiness. My sedition has put me in the fetter of the masses but my heart will relinquish joy and freedom as well a knowledge to those who seek the truth. I will stand perpendicular to my square perseverance is the only action. I shall pursue my studies and so my elevation is complete.

Do you choose to walk, talk, and be with me through this obstacle of adventure. My journey is opportunity loves a quest so divine. I am a man of many qualities and experiences my experiences! My testament is my statement. I love romance, traveling, sightseeing, adventure, reading, fine dining with wine, walk through the park, video games, dancing, clubbing and casinos. I'm a good cook. I have my favorite foods: lamb, Greek, Spanish cuisine, Caribbean  and seafood.
Women, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
African American, Hispanic, Caribbean
Universal Creator
Burglary 3rd
Earliest 07/13/16
Maximum 07/13/19
I am God sun willing
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Keep the grass cut to keep the snakes up
Make money don't money make you
Cuban Cigar ain't nothing bizarre
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