Brandon Morgan
What's up world.

This is the young dirt reaching out to whoever needs a friend. This is my first time doing this so give me some slack.

My name is Brandon, by the time you see this I'll be 28 years old. Check out my pic, hope not to big of a disappointment, stop smiling!

I told ya'll I had life for murder. I really hope you respect my honesty and overlook all that. I spent my free time writing goals, fishing, and hunting. Spent some time in a metal band, my brother and I started.

I love reading, writing a lil poetry anything to educate myself and better myself. 11 years and I have become a lot wiser. My optimistic attitude keeps me grounded. I believe everything happens for a reason, if you get a chance take it. If it changes your life let it. Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. This is what finally convinced me to try this site I know people come into your life to help you, hurt you, love you, and leave you. That shapes your character and the person you were meant to be.

I'm really a good man. I have good morals and respect not only for others but self-respect as well. I do not discriminate nor do I judge. I'm looking for someone who has some similar characteristics to build with. I'm open to any topics.

With what you have read here hope to hear from you soon. I will be looking for your missive. I leave as I came, respectful
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