Moses  Trevizo
Well here I am writing this little introduction letter hoping to catch someone's eye… 

My name is Moses Trevizo and I'm doing time in Arrow Head Correctional Facility in Cannon City, Colorado for possession with intent to manufacture or distribute a controlled Schedule 2 substance, 25 to 405 grams a class 3 felony… I received 16 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections for making that mistake of trying to make that quick money. I wish I would have never got involved in the drug business, but it's what I grew up around…

I got 6 years 7 months in on my sentence and I'm finally able to see the parole board in 2019… But within this time I've done, I've had had a lot of so-called close friends and people that have care for me fall off because of this chunk of time I had, but it's all good because I'll be out soon. I ain't got a life sentence… So hopefully through this website I can find someone to write in conversate with and see if a friendship comes of it or maybe something more… So if you want to get to know me, don't be shy and drop me a letter with whatever questions you have.

I don't care about looks but the thing I care about is that you have a good heart, and be honest, because honesty is always important on my behalf and your behalf…

Moses Trevizo # 137199
Arrow Head Correctional Facility
P O Box 300
Canon City, CO 81215 USA
Women, Friends
Possession of a Schedule 2 Substance
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