William Barrow
I am searching for a genuine and open-minded friend to connect with out there.

A true lady I can be myself with who's not out to prejudge me but is more interested in looking deeper to find the qualities that I possess within.

I've improved myself over the years using my mistakes as motivation to change into something better. Now that my heart and mind are finally clear I see that the life I was living was destructive in selfish, and as a result I robbed myself of the opportunities to surround myself with genuinely good people who truly had my best interest at heart. I've also matured and feel ready to open up and give my all to capture true friendship and happiness with a queen who seeking the same.

My interest are reading, drawing, tattooing, music and cosmetology. I am a very open minded, sincere and outgoing person. I am also a good listener. I love to laugh and make the most out of my current situation by focusing on the positive things and letting the negative ones go beneath me. I am also currently single and waiting to find that special someone that I can grow to love and cherish.

Hopefully this gave you a little insight as to who I am, but at the same time left you want to know more. If so I am only a stamp away or you can reach out to me instantly by going to www.connect network.com which allows you to email.
William Barrow # 132712
Unit A
P O Box 600
Canon City, CO 81215 USA

Women, Men, Friends
African American
Religion Chritian
Assault & Burglary
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