William Barrow
I'm looking to find a loyal open-minded friend to connect with out there.
I seek someone I can be myself with who won't prejudge me, but is more interested in getting to know the true me and the qualities I possess within.

I've come to realize that by living the fast life as I did, I continuously robbed myself of happiness and the opportunity to have someone by my side that genuinely cared for me. Now that I've matured and have gone through this experience I am ready to capture friendship, support and happiness with someone searching for the same.

I've imporved myself over the last couple years and have taken college courses such as business management to help me reach my goal when released "Hopefully soon" which is to open my own barbershop/beauty salon. I am currently taking a cosmetology course to receive my certification.

My hobbies are drawing, tattooing, reading and sports. I love to laugh and enjoy life. I maintained by focusing on the positive things and letting the negative ones go beneath me. I am open-minded, loyal, sincere and single. I am by no means shallow nor judgmental.

So if I've peeked your curiosity or interest I am only a stamp away.
William Barrow # 132712
49030 State Highway 71
Limon, CO 80826 USA
Women, Men, Friends
African American
Assault Burglary
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-06-14
Ad Expiration:01-06-18