Salvador Martinez
1st of all I'd like to thank you for stopping by and reading what I had say B/C I know there's 1000's of other people on the website so I'm glad you're reading this.

2nd of all I apologize for the photos, I'm sorry I didn't have any decent or better ones to post so I hope the tattoos don't scare or give the wrong impression.

I know this site/computers as "life sentence" but really my case is still on "appeals"and I'm still going back and forth to court to prove my innocence so I'm hoping good news comes.

I used to be mad because life had "moved on"and my closest family and friends went about life slowly the visits and mail stopped. Now I realize the world doesn't evolve around me so I had to learn to strive its a strong and took all the good from the bad and used it to my advantage. Now I have my GED and took a few trades in here. It hasn't all been nice but I've made the best of it.

I'm not on here being picky because "real"doesn't have a face on it. I'm on here looking for a good friend that I can't get to know and and. I'm not too hard to get along with. I like to laugh and joke around and enjoy life for what it's worth. I do know when it's time to get serious though… I don't know if you're on this site because you're tired of the games the world plays on you or your just nice (maybe it's both).

I'm at the point where the games are old and it took me a long time to realize. Respect, loyalty & real is all I'm searching for. I know it's a little hard to find nowadays but I know there's some real left out there so you find me one this site searching for it.

I still have a lot of life ahead of me so I take it one day at a time. I don't have any kids. One day I'd like to counsel and work with kids who are growing up the way I did you try to create a change. I wouldn't mind being a football or basketball coach at a Boys and Girls Club. I love sports so that would be perfect.

My thug life is dead my life lessons made me who I am. I need a friend who can understand me and meet me halfway. I don't judge so your past is nothing to me. If you're trying to move forward with you. I don't have much to offer… Loyalty, honesty and real is all I got if that's enough for you then I hope we meet one day.


P.S. I'm allowed emails just put your address on the email b/c the company won't do it for you.


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Capital Murder
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