Jason Aiken
First and foremost allow me to fully extend my it-most love and respect , to everyone who has took their time to read my inspiring ad.

I'm interested in writing a honest down to earth woman who enjoys writing or emailing each other no matter what race you are. I love to write letters workout and draw I was born in Spokane Washington but raised in Hermiston Oregon most of my life.

I enjoy those small town values I'm six foot one 205 pounds physically fit. I stay positive in this negative environment and plan on living a successful life once I am released. Loyalty plays a big part of who I am I'm the highly intelligent kind-hearted person who is interested in having a sincere honest friendship to share life experiences and thoughts.

I also have an email account so you can email me at killer 541 80 at gmail.com or getting out.com I've got artwork that I've gone on my Facebook page my email account is synced to my Facebook page. My sister gives me the updates.

I'm in the process of starting my own online business I love all kinds of music I could go on for days about music I'm a big fan of football my team is the Colts they're not doing good this year but I stay loyal to my team I will write anyone who takes their time to write me so I look forward to getting an email or a letter from you very soon your friend with respect

Jason Aiken
Jason Aiken # 12768577
Two Rivers Correctional Institution
82911 Beach Access Road
Umatilla, OR 97882 USA
Women, Donations
Native Amerian
Sweat Lodge
Assault 1, Burglary 1
Ad Start: 11-25-16
Ad Expiration:11-25-17