Larry Day

First I would like to say thank you take time to maybe get to know someone in my situation.

Let me tell you a lil about myself, I am 35 years old, 6' 1", 270 lbs. Yes I could stand to lose some lbs., However it may fit my personality. LOL. I am a super goofball, I love to laugh, clown around and make people smile. I always try to see the best in everyone, and have a hard time being mean to anyone, I guess that is a flaw too, I am a people pleaser, and tend to keep things that bother me to myself.

I've been in prison since 2008, and God willing I will be going in 18 months. I am here for conspiracy to distribute meth, I got a 180 month sentence, I was selling drugs to support my use, I was never big-time, but all the same I broke the law and here I am spending my days trying to better myself each day. I work hard at my present job each day care myself for home. I go to church and I'm about to start a 9 month drug rehab.

I really enjoy sports. I am a 49er fan, tough year. But I love them. LOL. I am a hopeless romantic. I love all Nicholas Sparks books & movies, and family,. There is a lot more to me, and I would love to get about you.

Please take the time to write me, and I will share, and listen to anything you want to talk about.

I'm not looking for any money or anything like that, just a friendship that could develop into something more.

Thanks again
Larry Day
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Conspiracy to S Distribute Meth
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