Paul  Matus
I hope when your eyes are introduced to my words for the first time the strength of my presence can illuminate the beauty of your smile and provoke your curiosity enough to make you want to step into my world.

To tell you about myself, my name is Pablo, I'm a powerfully built 6'2", 220  lb. Mexican Indian from the sacred lands of Ariztlan (AZ).

I've been many things throughout the evolution of my vida loca, from a foolish loco youngster demanding respect in a gangsters world to a man of strong mind and stronger heart who battles daily to earn it, by being a good father and living life to the fullest with honor, principle, and purpose.

Like many, I have my imperfections. But like few, I make up her mine with absolute confidence, unwavering loyalty, and the ability to make you laugh and smile when you need it the most.

Art and low rider cars are my hobbies and hustle (I'd like to draw for you so write :-).

But enough about me, I want to move on to something a lot more interesting "you". I'm confident that in due time I will come to know your dreams and every desire but there's no need to rush, first tell me 3 words that best describe your personality? Hobbies, favorite music, movies? What's a day like in your life? What do you like/dislike most about where you're from?

Enough questions for now, but feel free to ask me anything. I hope to hear from you soon. So pick up a pen and bless me with the pleasure of allowing me to escape even if momentarily from the solitude and darkness of this concrete jungle and into the radiant beauty of your friendship.

Take care, stay strong
Paul Matus # 125355
ASPC-Eyman Browning Unit
P O Box 3400
Florence, AZ  85132 USA
Women, Friends
Mexican Indian
Fallon 4, Misconduct with Weapon, Possession of Weapons
Ad Start: 08-04-16
Ad Expiration:08-04-17