Todd Greathouse
I come to you as a single man with no kids

I'm 46 and enjoy interaction with a lady whom is interested in allowing the reconnection of a good man. I am a friend for someone in need of a friend, I am a love for someone in need of love, I am a comforter for someone in the need of comfort, etc. just to name a few I am's that I am.
I am offering beauty because I know beauty, I am offering goodness because I know goodness, I am offering truth because I know the truth. No one can have your experience for you. It is your willingness to open to your experience of me/we that transforms.
Throughout the centuries, love has been defined in many ways. In today's society, most people relate love to a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction. They believe that as long as the sex is incredible, then love is definitely blooming in the air. Too many people confuse lust and sex and ends up trapped in toxics relationships. The world is full of people who remain in relationships that they realize they have no business in. Yet, they stay, hoping and praying for change, believing that the other person will actually appreciate and recognize their value. This cycle leads to regret, despair, and often times depression.
Every once in a while, two people meet by pure chance; not while they are on the look out for a new lover. With no expectations between them, nature takes its courseā€¦ The right way. They get to know each other, never realizing that their interaction might lead to the ultimate experience; the one thing that most of us crave our entire life. What results can be "a total eclipse of the heart."
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Polunsky Unit
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Livingston, TX 77351 USA
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African American
Aggravated Robbery
Parole Projected Date 04/11/24
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