Ambrocio Yanez
Someone once told me "The most valuable places to be in the world-
are in someone's thoughts… In someone's prayers… & in someone's heart."

We sometimes get distracted from what really matters, but after hearing those words I realized they couldn't be more true. Guess that's something we've all known but have never just put into perspective. The people I've been lucky enough to have met & consider close friends before coming to this place are living proof of that.

Being in prison locks a person away from the world & those closest to them. Yet the one thing it cannot cage is one's spirit. Mine still strives to be a part of this world.

When I came upon the ad for this website I saw it as the perfect opportunity to reach out from behind

these walls to see if my voice can carry far & beyond, hopefully finding someone special along the way willing to take a chance. The possibilities are endless when a person introduce themselves to the world.

My life has been a roller coaster with its share of ups, downs, twist & turns but I've taken what's happened to me & learned from it, instead of being trapped by it. There's no event in life too terrible that one can't rise above it.

There are still so many things I want to see & experience that life has to offer. I could go on & on about all my likes & dislikes, my hopes & dreams, but the truth is this opportunity wasn't meant just for someone to hear what I have to say. I want to know about you tooo.

I'm a great listener & I'm probably one of the most down to earth/open-minded person you could ever meet. We can share ideas, opinions or just good conversation.

So if you share the same outlook as me please don't be afraid to respond. If you're willing to take a chance on me I'm down for whatever.

I don't judge, criticize, or discriminate. I won't lie or play games. All I ask is that you are considerate enough to do the same.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully it has sparked an interest in you.


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