Jesse O'Brien
Jesse O'Brien # 120422   
P O Box 70010  
Boise, ID 83707 USA
What's up beautiful?

I'm Jesse. I'm 35 years young and lots of fun to talk to kick it with. I'm from Portland Oregon. I'm getting outs in Seattle or Vancouver, Washington. Fingers crossed!

I'm into boxing (hence the black guy. LOL), yoga, cycling, jogging, working, and college. I'm looking to meet new friends people who are down to write and talk on the phone. I'm getting out really soon so I plan on continuing our friendship. It would be great to meet you in person someday. I'm currently single and open to whatever happens, but friends first.

Some of the music I enjoy is MacKelemore, Halsey and G-easy. Anything upbeat and gangsta. Just playin. Ha!

If you go to I have videos.
Search: "Jesse O'Brien EXPLORING OREGON"
or search: "Mediainthestreets" (all one word with a capital "M")
if my videos make you smile, you should definitely hit me up.
What do you enjoy?
What do you do for fun?

You can go to www. to email me by searching my name and DOC #and adding me. This is the fastest way to contact  me. Can't wait to hear from you!
Women, Friends
Caucasian, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, Native American
Open Minded Christian
Driving Under the Influence
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