Marquis Brown
First and Foremost,

I gotta say "FreeDaGuys!"

My love goes out to those fightin and strivin to bring the guys home so please stay strong and know your support is very much appreciated.

I'm from Northern Virginia,  29 yrs. old, and currently doing a bid as you can see.. lol :)  I'm scheduled to be released in 2020 or sooner.

I am lookin for that special someone (easy to kick it with) that wants to get to know each other as friends ,able to be herself, ( as I am going to be) understands the importance of " Loyalty and Respect!"  A very strong and determined lady that, knows what she wants out of life and isn't afraid to go after it... a true bread winner! (I can't chase the bag by myself lol..:)  We can build and strive together to accomplish a friendship, hopefully it will grow into a healthy relationship.

If you would like to get to know me on a more personal level please email me by going to (Marquis Brown #1202300 ) or write me using the address above. 
Marquis Brown # 1202300
Sussex 2 State Prison
24427 Musselwhite Drive
Waverly, VA 23891 USA
Women, Friends, Donations
African American
Release Date
Ad Start: 01-11-18
Ad Expiration:01-11-19