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Sex - Male

DOB - 01/02/86

Seeking - Women, Friends, Donations Legal Help

Race - Asiatic

Religion - Islamism MSTA 1928

Convicted Of - Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon

Release Date - 09/27/28¦

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First giving all honors to Allah, His Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali and all members of the Morrish Divine and National Movement of the World.

My name is Darrell Lamar Sullivan Jr-EL. I am 5'6" and 151 lbs. My race is Asiatic, and my religion is Isamism.

I'm in prison for robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon. I've been locked up six years now. Right now I am 29 years old at the moment, but I'll turn 30 on January 2, 2016. I'm also working on my MAR (Motion for Appropriate Relief).

My favorite color is green. I'm a heterosexual or straight male. I deal in love, truth, peace, freedom and justice. Being honest, I desire a lifelong partner, friendships or supporters who truly understand the hardship I face day in and day out being in the belly of the beast.

If a woman's interest is piqued by my words of sincerity, all she has to be is herself. She can be nerdy, tough, feminine, big, small, fat, skinny, etc. I am not interested in looks. They are deceiving. The inside is what counts. I am not a racist, so all women, men and friends, regardless of ethnicity are welcome to write me. I am not gay or homosexual. So I ask that no man make any advances towards me. However, I will be your friend regardless of sexual orientation. I do not judge anyone. For-Prophet Noble Drew Ali said, "Judge and ye will be judged." I have just completed my anger management course, and I am a recovering alcoholic.

I have a six-year-old daughter who is my pride and joy.

I depart you as I came in peace.

Darrell Sullivan # 1170102
Maury Correctional Institution
P O Box 506
Maury, NC 28554 USA

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