Melvin Spain
My name is Melvin but my family & friends call me Pete.

I'm from the Hampton Roads area in Virginia Chesapeake to be exact.

A little about myself. I'm 35 years old. I have been incarcerated since 2002. For as what I like to do, there's not much to do in here truthfully. I think it's these people job tto keep us stagnant much as possible and that sucks.

I do work out, not trying to be a bodybuilder or nothing more so to stay active. Watch TV here & there mostly comedies, dramas or sports shows. I also like to read fiction, erotica and urban fiction. One I'm not doing none of that I try to take what ever trades the facility I'm housed at has to offer.

What I'm looking for one this site is a woman that has a good heart and don't mind telling the truth no matter how she thinks it's going to get looked at by who ever because that's what kind of friend I am, it gets me into trouble at times but to me that's the best policy.

If I sound like somebody you would like to correspond with send me a response, I would love to hear from you.

Melvin Spain # 1155754
Buckingham Correctional Center
P O Box 430
Dillwyn, VA23936  USA
African American
Robbry & Guns
Release Date
Ad Start: 12-16-15
Ad Expiration:12-16-17