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Sex - Male

DOB - 12/15/81

Seeking - Women, Friends, Donations

Race - Anglo American

Religion -

Convicted Of - Possession with Intent to Deliver

Release Date - Earliest 02/20/17 Latest 2020

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To whom this may concern.

My name is Jonathan, but you can call me JB if it so pleases you to do so! LOL.

I come to this site seeking undeniable friendship and possibly a companion in the end. Either way you should know I'm fiercely loyal. My loyalty to my friends or companion knows no boundaries. To my loyal friends my trust is undeniably yours without question until proven it should be otherwise or has been neglected.

I'm that person, Were I not locked up you could call day or night and I would be there to aid you no matter what the problem may be. Whether it be a problem or just need a friend.

My most prized thing in life is my kids. I love them unconditionally and yes I'm a single father. As of now my two boys live with my mother until I get home and my others with their own mothers. As you can only imagine I can't wait to get to them.

My hobbies are: fishing, hunting, ATV riding, 4 x 4ing, swimming, among other things. I love a cold beer, some country music, and a gravel road. LOL! Yeah, country to the bone! Yeah I love country music, some rock, a little rap, R&B, slow jams, but mostly country.

I've built houses in Arkansas, Mississippi, and North Carolina. I've built horse and a cattle trailer that have been shipped all over the world.

I'm currently class 4 and that makes my release date other away but once I get my class 1 I will only have about 24 months left until my closest release date possible. During this time if fate be willing I'm going to do my best to get certified in a trade such as electrician, welding, or diesel mechanics through the ADC vo-tech program. I figure that in this time I have left I should do something productive and beneficial. Not only for me but for my children also.

I know my profile says seeking donations, but let me make it clear that you don't have to donate to be a friend or companion not money anyways. For me the time and effort you take out of your daily life to build a bond of true friendship is possibly the most amazing donation that you could possibly make.

Thanks for your time.

Jonathan Bower # 113751
Varner Unit
P O Box 600
Grady, AR 71644-0600 USA
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