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Sex - Male

DOB - 09/09/71

Seeking - Women, Donations, Legal Help

Race - African American

Religion - Believe in HIgher Power

Convicted Of - Felony Murder

Release Date - Parole Eligibility 02/06/20 Serving a Life Sentence

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Excuse me society, are you done with responding to dishonest ads by people playing with your time during your search for true friendship?me too.read on, I may cure your deficiency.

Hello, I'm a 6'2", 225 brother, I'm confident, loyal, easy on the eyes, spontaneous, levelheaded, straight and straightforward.

I've been incarcerated now for 26 years of a 30 years to life sentence for felony murder. I'm actively researching my legal issues and options to present cause for an investigation, and seeking sentence relief.

My hobbies include: reading, painting painting, baking, collaborating songs, working out, watching football and some traveling. My favorite foods include: different flavors of cheesecakes, baked, grilled, or steam seafood and nachos.

I'm hoping to meet new friends no matter where you're from, your culture or ethnic background. What's important is your loyal, honest, determined and patient with a sense of direction. I'm looking for that meaningful relationship with a woman who agrees that games only needs to two losers at the end, who is independent, has her own and my nonjudgmental attention and has a sense of humor.

If these qualities sounds similar to someone you would be willing to write and open to possible a lasting companionship, you found me and need to write me right now my snail mail address.

Hashona Clark # 110302
New Jersey State Prison
P O Box 861
Trenton, NJ 08625 USA
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