Israel Cooper

Everyone has a story to tell, yet not everyone desires to to invest in the time to listen. I do.  Time is the most valuable commodity we have so I'm not here to waste yours nor play any games.

I'm a sincere man, and I've made mistakes which I've accepted responsibility for. Each mistake has been a stepping stone in my life that I've grown stronger and wiser from.

I am open to new friends and developing a bond that can transcend beyond these walls and doors.

I'm a simple man who enjoys nature, swimming, outdoors, photography, drawing, letters, poetry and music.

I'm looking for anyone with like-minded interest to begin a journey in which we both can share and its unique experience.

I've learned to be a good listener, and I hear with my heart. There are good qualities that I've developed because effective communication is the bedrock of any successful relationship.

If you choose to accept my friendship, we will embark on an exciting adventure that sparks the imagination and will encourage the very best for our lives.

I love to laugh and don't dwell on negativity. I will share my history truthfully and ask that you give me a chance to tell you all about myself. I judge no one for every story there is, there is someone willing to listen; and I am that someone.

You can contact me at the address or set up an email account @

. Until then stay strong and I hope to hear from you soon… What if???

Israel Cooper  # 1091554
Red Onion State Prison
P O Box 1900
Pound, VA 24279-1900 USA
Women, Men, Friends
Grand Larceny, Class 6 Escape
Release Date
07/21/25 Will Change/Lower
Ad Start: 05-18-17
Ad Expiration:05-18-18