Robert Cannon
To all eye's reading this, I hope you find comfort in my character.

My name is Robert Cannon, I'm 33 as of October 7th. I'm from Franklin County, MO. I'm 6'3", 215, blue eyes, blonde hair. I'm tatted up, Ink is one thing that I love. I'm a funny outgoing type of dude, but very blunt and assertive. It all plays great and my personality. I'm very active in ports and working out.

To be honest and what my purpose in this ad is, to find someone to fill this void of time and potentially give birth to a relationship, whether what type it may be.

My reason for my past incarcerations are due to drugs and assault. Don't let that scare you that will I'm actually a really good do. Just about that life I hope you can relate or honor me as a man and contact me to further get to know each other.

I look forward to hearing about you and your life. You can reach me through mail or email which is thur ""emails are free or mail to address above.

Till next time.

Robert Cannon # 1085347 
SECC 1-B-186
300 E Pedro Simmons Drive 
Charleston, MO 63834 USA
Ad Start: 11-10-16
Ad Expiration:
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