Jason  Brodie

I appreciate you taking a moment to check mice their invitation out. I am a pretty straight to the point person with everyone because no one wants to be misunderstood or be misled in life.

I have never been married because I got locked up at an early age. Right now I'm 41 years old but don't feel any older than I was when I was 17 years old.

Hopefully you will write me and we can establish a lifetime of memories and fun moments  together.

Easy-going and soft-spoken is how I carry myself just in case you were wondering how I behave. My picture is sort of misleading because in my opinion I look tense or uneasy. But once you get to know me you will find out I am a gentle nature person but can be courageous if the be to be protected.

I will be respectful and aware of these when you share them with me. My largest desire in life is to be a person that more than one can be proud of what ever situation transpires. Prison for me has been a large learning's periods for me and I count all of my blessings that such trials have brought to be such education of the reason us humans are actually here.

My belief is we are here to institute in each other more knowledge and inspiration through our Creator to fulfill His will. And it is my hope that together we can come to be better people and have the best in this life to share and to come.

I am looking forward to your letter.
Jason Brodie

Jason  Brodie # 106975
P O Box 970
Marianna, AR 72360  USA
Women, Men, Friends
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 05-18-17
Ad Expiration:05-18-18