Roger Henderson
Hello, I'm Roger.

218-5' 11 1/2", family call me  Pooh, I choose Younique, some call me Poohwhop, check me and I'll fill in the blanks. My family called me Pooh from a very young age because of my soft hair perhaps like a poohbear and my eyes are the same color as my skin something that will make you double take.

I am that guy who slowly grew into a mature man who's never really had or appreciated a real woman. I am that guy who needs that certainty that he knows is out there even though he's never, tasted or drink from it. I am that guy that feels as if he's slowly dying from that need of a lady that so beautiful and special as a person. I honestly hurt from that need in more ways than one.

Please don't get this twisted, I need but I refuse to settle for less, meaning I refuse to be mistreated or endure disrespect because the biggest and most important  things to me are respect and consideration. I give that and I need that as well and I am not so arrogant as not to have understanding because without understanding there's nothing.

I'm married but separated, I have one girl and two boys, one biracial and all beautiful, you'd think all three were biracial actually my heritage makes that so.

I've sold drugs and used as well, I've never intentionally hurt anyone mentally or physically and I couldn't begin to tell you how many mistakes I made and opportunities I've ruined throughout my life.

I lost myself and forgiveness. was hard to find from self, yet I treated others with respect, anyone in the wake of my life will stamp that.

As of now I've been incarcerated since 12-10, it took this time for me to forgive and know myself again in other words I'm not a man child anymore, I've grown and I'm dealing with life responsibly.

As of now I'm on a waiting list to start a class that will give me credits that I need to qualify for a grant. I want to be a counselor, I like to help others with drug problems, I love to help people and see people with smiles that are sincere and I can relate as well. A degree upon release would be nice.

I also love music from alternative to rap and some. I write music and I sing as well that's why some call me Poohwoop, they like what I do, my style and voice are unique that's why I prefer "younique". I plan to share my gift when I get out and I'd love to share with you, try me, I'm sure I can make you smileā€¦


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Roger Henderson # 1043312
Green Rock Correctional Center
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Chatham, VA 24531 USA

African American
Distributing Controlled Substance
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