Christopher Cramer
It's hard to find true friendship. It's asking for a big commitment. It's hard work and I am asking that you take time out of your busy day to write me. I know you have 1000's to pick from. It's my job to get your attention and I hope to do just that.

If you're like me your hoping to find a friend who is different from all the rest. Somebody who will give you the attention, affection, and appreciation youdeserve.

I'm the person you'll be able to trust. I will always be around to give you a helping hand. I'll be that gentleman who understands and doesn't judge. I'll be compassionate and that supporting shoulder. I will reply to all your letters all the time.

I know you're asking, "why should I believe him?" I've been in prison for 14 years. This is my first time I put my profile on the computer. Like you, I want to meet you people and hoping that me and you will become good friends. That's all I want from you.

By way of introduction, I'm a strong, tall, healthy and open-minded white man. I love having fun. Kids and animals are awesome. I love to laugh and being outdoors. I pass the time by drawing and reading. I have so much more to tell you. The both of us will have so much fun getting to know each other.

Prison is a  horrible place. A new friend will change all that. I'm searching for a new and lasting friendship. I will write anybody and am excited to meet people overseas. I hope I've persuaded you that I am the one to write.

One thing prison has taught me, having a friend will make this life better.

I hope to hear from you soon…

Christopher Cramer # 10422-081
P O Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226 USA
Armed Bank Robbery, Attempted Murder
Release Date
2032 Pending New Case
Ad Start: 03-30-17
Ad Expiration:03-30-18