William  "Cody" Neal


I love "full figured women"!!! That's right it's me "Cody"!! Ride cowboy ride!! I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!! & If you're on the "fence" go ahead & take a "leap of faith" & let's get this ride started!!

My friend call me "Wild Bill Cody" & I have always enjoyed living life to the fullest!! I am very open-minded & am forever young at heart & I look forward to writing anyone!! Whatcha going to do with a "Cowboy"who loves life & who truly is looking forward to meeting you, as not just a pen pal but as a friend?? I cannot promise you an easy ride but I can promise you that you will live life to the fullest no matter the circumstances & with "Gusto"!!, Passion!! & more!!

I have many interests & I look forward to having you share yours with me too!! I am willing to try new things are you??:) So please don't be shy sharing yours with me!!

I love writing, scuba diving, music of all kinds, dancing, cats & dogs, horses, romance novels, Sookie Stackhouse books, birdwatching, rodeo, exploring new things, wilderness, chocolate, gummy bears, helping others, & much more!! I also love the diversely of people this world offers!!

Before prison I own is out the USA & I look forward to learning more! Life is meant not only to be lived but also shared!! Let's ride soon!!

Peace Cody
William "Cody" Neal # 103804 
P O Box 777 
Canon City, CO 81215 USA
Women, Men, Friends
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