Adam Elijah Ward
First and foremost I'm honestly happy about any and all possible friendships I may be blessed to acquire, positive people are what I need at this point in my life after being around so much negativity for so long.

This page is my opportunity to connect with all types of people from around the world that can shine a new positive light into my life, I need someone to laugh with and enjoy all the beauty in life as well as the anguish that life sometimes presents. Because life truly has ups and downs. It's kinda like a roller coaster with all its twist and turns, but having someone to experience them with can honestly make even the most painful times better.

One of my biggest pitfalls of my incarceration was seeing the people I cared about the most abandoned me when I needed them, and I can say that prison cells get cold and handcuffs get tight when you have to undergo it alone. In my time of isolation and desetion I have become stronger and smarter from all the pain, after experiencing this I've learned that sometimes you have to lose to win again. So in a weird way all the heart ache and sorrow placed on me with the loss of everything has been somewhat of a gift. Because the rebuilding process of my life has been genuinely humbling making me a better person. At this point I need someone to add structure in my life one of the things I've learned from my troubles is that life is unquestionably filled with many obstacles, some big, some small but the things we go through in life don't define us, what makes us who we are is how we overcome life's problems because we are all traveling on a roller coaster of life.
Blinded by fate searching for happiness every day that I'm blessed to have I remind myself that all I can do in life is keep overcoming my obstacles on my journey and try my hardest to become a better person. I remain positive even when being incarcerated is not the best path in life for anyone.

My days are spent on writing and reading books from my favorite writers, Vince Flynn, James Patterson, Steve Harvey, Suzanne Collins and Robert Ferrigno. I also attend school where I'm working on achieving my GED. I work out and play sports as well.

I'm in search of a companion that I can listen to vent and someone I can count on to listen to me when I need them as well. If you are my rock in this storm called life my long-awaited friend to share some light into this dark cell of mine with your mail, please don't hesitate to write me because we are all navigating through life's obstacles and storms. Let's experience them together. Look no further I'm your Prison Pen Pal. Give me the opportunity.

Peace and love to all
Adam Elijah Ward
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African American, Haitian
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