Melvin Fagan


Now that I have spent many years trapped inside of a cage, I can finally say that my level of maturity has equally balanced out with my age.
It has been very difficult and alot of hard decisions had to be made, but the hardest for me, was struggling to avoid having the mentalitiy of a slave.
In Society, people argue over the amount of minimum wage, but can you imagine yourself doing hard labor for a few cents a day.
In prison it is always the same old twist, coming in from work to where there is no chic, or running around with the same old click.
But things were different for me, I chose to do time on my own, because running around with the same old click, will only keep you from going home..
I have made alot of bad choices in life, and there are none that I consider mistakes, because accidents are unknown to us, but in my hands I held my fate..
For over two decades now, I have been trapped inside of a cage, but is this really deserving of the bad choices that I made..
I only took a few shortcuts to make money quick, there really is no difference between my crime and the tax breaks that Donald Trump gets.
I have never committed a crime of violence, or caused harm upon anyone, but our Justice System must feel that less punishment is worthy of taking the life of someone.
I do understand that every case has different circumstance, but is it possible to compare a crime of violence to any other criminal chance..
Child Sex crimes seem to be at an all time high, and it would really surprise you to know, that these acts are also committed by members of the FBI.
There are members of our government who have committed child sex crimes, and these acts either go unnoticed, or they get away without serving any time.
I dont seek sympathy or make an attempt at justifying my wrong, but how is it that any amount of money, should have caused me to be incarcerated for so long..
Two decades should be more than enough punishment for what I did, especially when you consider the fact that people are getting less for molesting someone's kid.
I am a man who has done his share of wrong, but I would definately prefer to live poor in society, than to spend one more day in this cage alone.
I am more than capable of loving and caring for someone, but you have to give me a chance, and understand that with everyones life, there is different circumstance.
None of us should ever be defined by our past, because it was only a lesson and not a life sentence, so please do not allow my past to effect your decision.
My current situation is the result of me making a bad choice, but in no way does it effect the care and concern that you will hear from my voice.
I am searching for loyalty from a real true friend, not just a pen pal, that will be here temporarily, and then gone again.
I know that having a long distance relationship may be difficult in absence of the physical touch, but a relationship should be more genuine, without the false feelings from lust.
My likes and hobbies are mainly about trust, because with anything else, I can easily adjust.
I am City born, but Country at heart, meeting new friends would definately help with giving me a fresh start.
I do enjoy a little Tim McGraw, but my favorite is Garth Brooks; I am sure that you would have never guessed this, when judging by my looks.
A little R&B is okay for certain romance, but I find it kind of hard to compare any song to Garth Brooks, "The Dance".
I dont mind spending time in the garden, or going out to plow the fields, those of you with experience, know exactly how peaceful this makes you feel.
I am not a person that concerns myself with race, so no matter your color or nationality, my heart holds a special place.
I truly hope to only receive serious replies, because I have no room in my heart for pain, or listening to someone lie.
I try to pride myself on being an honest and real man, and I am very easy to get along with, and simple to understand.
I know that my current situation may cause you to think otherwise, but please do not compare me to the bad experiences that you may have had with other guys.
So maybe you can find it in your heart to give me a chance, and hopefully a time will come, to where our friendship will advance.
I hope that you take great care, and have a blessed day, and that you will not allow my situation to scare you away.
To respond, please write to the address listed on this page, and I hope that your friendship will finally help escape this cage.

P.S. You must include a complete mailing address or P.O. Box so that I can respond back to you, because the Institution will not approve addresses without complete information.  We may also communicate via Coorlinks if you send me an email address along with your complete mailing address.     Take Great Care! Thanks for stopping by to see what's up.

Melvin Favan # 08072-027
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Marion, IL 62959 USA
Women, Friends
African American
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