Melvin Fagan

"Can I be there for you?"

Are you tired of being treated less than the woman that you are? Tored of dealing with people who make you feel as if you do not matter? Are you tired of feeling like you are all alone and noone cares?

I am asking that you allow me to be there for you.  I have been where you are, and I understand you and your feeling, and I would like to make you feel appreciated.  The CREATOR made the woman to where she os able to give life which makes you a natural nurterer worthy of being nurtured.

Alot of men today do not understand the true value of a woman, they want to control you and try to infect your mind to where you began to think that the abnormal is normal, and eventually you lose hope of ever being treated the way that you deserve to be treated.

Society wonders why prisoners should have hope after taking hope from someone else in some fashion. I am a human being who  has made bad choices in life, yes, I may have taken financial hope from someone, but, I have not taken the hope of life from anyone.

I am not serving a life sentence, I have hope of getting out of prison and enjoying the rest of my life, do I not deserve that? Why take away my hope of life when I have not taken anyone elses?  Take a look at what is going on in America, health care for the poor, for the sick child, and for the elderly is at a risk of being taken away, does the government care that they are trying to take away the hope of life from some sick child who will not be able to afford the needed care for their illness and will die without it?  NO, they don't care, but they want Society to take away hope from prisoners.  I get it, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, but, should'nt this apply to everyone?  Should'nt this apply to anyone who takes the life of someone?

"It is not good to throw stones while living in a glass house".

I am a very easy going man, I have learned from the bad choices that I have made in life and I continue to better myself with each new day.  It has been two decades now, I have had many nights of lonliness and many days of feelong as if noone cares.

I have truly mastered the art of caring for others, when you have experienced the worse of these feelings, you either learn to treat others well, or you lose hope yourself.  I am not a man that gives up, I learned that my failures in life had made others treat me less, It was my fault, so I made it a point to condition myself to nurture, so that I could avoid the pain of having to feel abandoned, or as if noone cares.

I enjoy laughing spending time with family, traveling, learning, listening to the oldies and being a mentor to the youth so that they never lose hope and learn to avoid making bad choices.

I would really enjoy being your friend and if something more happens to blossom, may the CREATOR bless the road that led us to one another.  

Take Great Care!  Melvin
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