Jack Blackman
Is anyone out there interested in art?

Well, please allow me to introduce myself as an exquisite work of fine art dedicated to all the appreciative denizens of the world. Teasingā€¦ I'm actually an artist in search of someone who can possibly help me get my name out there. I do come with a story free of chargeā€¦ The story of how I came to be, and why I came to be where I came to be. As to what I came to be, now that's another story altogether and I must charge you for that one.

I've evolved from a pup that lost its way to a wolf in search of prey, and I don't bite unless you bite first (kidding). I do, however, nibble off the chocolate edges and save the peanut butter filling for last (my prey is a Reese's)

I enjoy working out for hours and flexing on innocent bystanders. My ultimate goal in life is to get out of prison and become the next President of the United States.

But seriously, I lost my parents when I was 12 and got locked up at 18, so I don't yet have much to go home to and that's why I need to push my art as far as possible. I've provided photos of a couple graphite drawings I put my soul into. I'm sure you'll enjoy, and when curiosity moves you, please take the initiative and write. I'll make it educational for you, being the mighty enlightened one that I am. Ha ha. Pay homage.
Jack Blackman # 0792059
Craggy Correctional Institution
2992 Riverside Drive
Ashville, NC 28804 USA
2nd Degree Murder
Me Flexing on Innocent Bystanders
Me During Full Moon
Me on My Pimp Sh**
My Pet
I Enjoy Doing Statuesque Drawings
Virgin Mary's Profound Beauty
Water is Tricky to Draw
Death Before Dishonor
Lillies Do Possess a Soul
I Hate Seeing Women Cry
Another Perspective, the Mother's Beauty
I Saw and I Draw
Symbol of Wisdom
Virgio's Music and Extreme Beauty
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