Daniel Gallant
Hello and nice to meet you.

I truly appreciate your taking the time to visit this website. I've been in prison about 12 years now and I'm excited to have the opportunity to meet new people beyond these walls.

Despite the fact that I was sentenced to a 25-year term of imprisonment for non-violent drug charges, I am an extremely upbeat and positive person. I have refused to let the weight of my circumstances crush me. I attribute this attitude to God, a loving family, and a spirit of fierce determination to make my future better than my past. Because I live life with a smile and choose happiness on a daily basis, my burden of doing time is a light one to carry.

I have many interests, but have made spiritual development, education and physical fitness my passions. I also enjoy music, sports, laughing and making others laugh as well. My goals in life are to live joyfully, successfully, and maintain my youthfulness in body, mind and spirit. I should also mention another goal I've added to my list: To be the worlds greatest pen pal.
I enrolled on this site because I want to make new friends. I want to connect with the world. After all these years of inmates and guards, it's time for a change.

Again, I want to thank you for stopping by and look forward to hearing from you at mail call.
Daniel Gallant # 07627-028
USP-Coleman 2
P O Box1034
Coleman, FL 33521 USA
Women, Friends
Drug Possession
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