Paul Scott
Please don't pass me up!

I want to share my life story and legal documents with you. In 1979 I was wrongfully convicted of beating a man to death, and sentenced to death. I had went to help a person, and received $10.00 in pot. The victim and the actual murderer smoked PCP, began fighting, and the victim attacked me with a knife. I escaped out the rear patio door, leaving a hole where I ran through the screen. My co-defendant went to the police station, confessed to the murder, pled guilty to 2nd° murder with a 45 year sentence and was paroled 23 years ago. Because I was young, poor, and stupid, I was used and the truth was covered up. My co-defendant was given statements and a deposition, which exonerate me. The state medical examiner's report, and a forensic scientists report, exonerate me. There is no blood or prints on the murder weapon. There are detective reports, proving the detectives lied at my trial. At a hearing, my attorney informed the court that my prior attorney had told him that (then) Governor. Bush told him that if he continued to pursue my innocence and/or media, he'd sign my death warrant and kill me. A deal was made with the state, to do nothing, and my attorney withdrew. I possess all of this, and much more. There is a book about me & my case, which I can have sent to you. It's 350 pages, hundred and 75 of which are legal documents. If you're not 100% convinced, horrified and passed off, (and I assure ya 200% that you will be), well, ya'll have lost nothing.

My passions are children, animals, music, and working to change the legal system with my experience. By giving ya my legal documents and access to my loving sister (Dr. skittles), you'll know I'm 100% honest. I deal old school and straight up. I shoot from the hip (not literally!) And straight no games. No lies. No bull.

I'm 6 feet, 200 lbs., Muscular, brown hair & eyes. I'm allowed to receive pictures, if you want to send one. No Polaroids. I can't receive emails, nor can I receive letters or messages sent through this company. So, if you want to respond, please write to me at the prison. Otherwise I won't receive your letter.

Age, race, faith, gender, are unimportant to me. Sincerity is.

I look forward to your letter.
Paul Scott  # 071615
Union Correctional Institution
P O Box 1000
Raiford, FL 32083 USA

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