Damien C Handon
"My loyalty is royalty "

Hello I'm  Damien! Thanks for stopping to check out my profile. Hopefully this will become the start to our new beginning, because I certainly look forward to "your new friendship"! If you're looking for a true authentic friend then I'm your guy. I come to you w/ out any strings attached, therefore I'm not looking to play games or run game on you. Honestly I just need some "realness"in my life, or is there even a such thing?! A true friend is hard to find, so right now I'm searching for "my needle in the haystack", an ear to confide in and also a friendship that will follow me beyond these bars, but most of all someone that will look past my flaws and still find beauty w/ in a clouded diamond. Where is she?

I'll tell you what-let's make a deal! I am willing to make you my "EVERYTHING" if I could just mean "SOMETHING" to you. Your age, looks, race and/or size holds no major significance to me, because there was once a frog that turned out to be a handsome prince and even Cinderella came w/ her flaws, so I'm sure I'll find lots to love about you, just hit me up!

I'm really not that complex or hard to figure out, but to give you a better over standing I'll attempt to paint a clear pic for you. First and foremost I'm 34 years old, 6 feet tall, 200 lbs. And I'm from Fayetteville, NC. I'm pretty much a laid-back type of guy, caring, easy-going, loyal and very straightforward. Some of my interest include reading, writing (music, poetry, letters, etc.), Drawing and learning new things. Can't wait to learn all about you! Let's become acquainted.

Yours truly,
Cupid (smile)
Damien C Handon # 0636191
Tabor City Correctional Institution
4600 Swamp Fox Highway
Tabor City, NC 28463 USA
Women, Friends
2nd Degree Burglary
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