Napolean Cooper

Hello to whom this introduction intrigues.

As you are well aware incarcerated. The sentence I'm currently serving his life without parole. I was handed down my conviction January 27th of 2016. As of today I'm still waiting for my case to be overturned by the appealant courts because I was wrongfully convicted of a crime I took no part in committing!

The reason I started this letter off the way I did is simply because I want whomever it may be that decides to correspond with me to know the time I'm serving, the allegations that I was accused of and convicted for and that I will be home for my 40th birthday because I'm innocence and serve a loving God.

Now, a little about myself. I'm 36 years of age, I'm African and Cherokee Indian descent. I skin complexion is in comparison of caramel and bronze. I'm 5'10" in height, my weight is 238 pounds solid muscle, I have long hair which I sport and fashionable dreads that are neat and clean. I have about 20 tattoos that have meaning. I come from a small close knit family. I'm from a small town called Tabor City that's located in North Carolina about 20 miles from Myrtle Beach South Carolina. I don't have any kids but hope to someday have some or raise some because I'm fond of them.

Basically, I'm looking for an honest, caring, loving, caring independent, God-fearing, good woman that's looking for the same in a man and who is tired of searching and the games play with others heart. I want what I have a lot to give, LOVE! Hopefully God will fill the void in our lives with one another so until our lives unite, God bless, take care and be safeā€¦

Napolean Cooper
Napolean Cooper  # 0577763 
Lanesboro Correctional Institution
P O Box 280  
Polkton, NC 28135  USA
African American, Native American
Murder Under the Murder Will
When God Over This Life Sentence
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