Jamie McMahan
Hello I hope you are having a great day!

By visiting this site you are obviously for a pen pal, so I hope you will take the time to write me! I have been in prison 20-years and the last 12-years locked down solitary confinement it here at super Max. I can't to prison when I was young, but prior to prison I was a die setter and robotics program at a car manufacturing plant. Since in prison I have read hundreds of books needed 80-educational courses.

I'm looking for a sincere friend to have real and meaningful conversations with. Mentally stimulating discussions that can transcend this isolation I have been in for so long.

I am honest, open-minded, intelligent and a reliable person worth investing your time into as a friend. In a world where so much is superficial taken for granted, there are still genuine people that appreciate everything in life. I would really appreciate you as my friend, so I look forward to your letter!

Take care and stay positive, no matter what!
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