Darrell Self
What's up world,

I know there's a couple of tall fences between me and you but "forever" stamps can jump right over them! So what do you say… Are you up for a little fence hoppin? Remember when you were a kid? If you hopped a fence chances are you were headed for some fun…

Well, if you pick up your pen with that attitude… You won't be disappointed. Yeah, I know I'm a few years past being a kid but at this point in my life, I feel the desire to see the world through those eyes. Maybe you're looking for a bit of simple carefree time yourself these days. Somewhere to go to just be yourself… Not what the world expects you to be. If so, you've found that place. I'm in that place, and I'd love a little company.

You already know my name, So here's a couple things you don't know. I love classic cars, classic rock, and Harleys. I can listen to a bird, and know there's a heaven! I can look at the stars and see the path there.

In case you are curious, I'm 6'1", 225 lbs., With black hair and brown eyes. Yes, the black hair has a little silver in it. I earned it, I'll keep it!

I've learned to smile again… That wasn't easy for a while. A letter from you could make that smile even brighter! Will writing to me end up bringing smiles into your life? You'll never know unless you take that chance. Surely it's worth the price of a stamp to find out.

Well, you're at the fence! So what do you say… Wanna hop over?
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