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Sex - Male

DOB - 12/17/76

Seeking - Women

Race - African American

Religion - Christian

Convicted Of - Robbery w/a Dangerous Weapon

Release Date - 1212/16

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Greeting ladies!

I find introductions difficult so I'm just going to jump right into it! I'm just a single brother interested in corresponding with single females, (being single is not a requirement).

I have less than one year remaining on a six-year sentence and I've began to notice that this is the hardest year! So why not get to know some new people while at the same time keeping my mind off those last few months.

A brief summary of me is, I have no kids, very blunt, funny, spontaneous, will try almost anything once, rather go to a bar than a club, I'm an outdoors person, but can do without the crowds and often quiet until I get to know someone.

I'm originally from the 215, but was raised in the 919 so I have an up north mentality with down South manners! That just scratches the surface of me. So when you write me let me know your hobbies, fears, goals for the future, fantasies, what ever, we can kick it on any level. No judging here!

Rodney "Jermaine" Bates # 0023088
P O Box 169
Hoffman, Nc 28347 USA
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