Dale  Flanagan
Life, I believe, is not a dream so dark as sages say. However, who lives it well walking life's path alone? Why do we toss messages in a bottle into the sea? Humans, we seek, we yearn for connection,bonds of friendship, a genuine escape from what too often seems a mean-spirited "reality show'. Where people are treated as objects to be used, then coldly cast aside. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling disappointment, letdown, loss or grief. I'm certain, better is deserved. The path matters. Equally so, those few you choose to travel yours beside you. Friendship is precious when you're slogging a dark stretch needing  a smile or hand in yours, also on the sunlit, such times shared are that much warmer, more meaningful. Everything is possible, when you dare.

So much I'd share. In this too small space how much can I?

I'm 6'1", 175, green eyes, brown hair.

I pursue my interest passionately, Tang Soo Do to anything that inspires the heart to trace and soar. I enjoy meaningful activities, things that make the ride worth the price of admission, riding my motorcycle down the freeway, spending time with good friends, playing with my dog… I've stood in jaw dropped awe of the desert SW's beauty, tried to count the myriad colored jewels scattered across the heavens… Do tell a rude joke, and serious about the right things life.

We must save the rest, enjoying shared interests exploring differences… For our letters.
Never have I ever…?

If you prefer there is one way email via www. AccessCorrections.com. If you do, include your snail mail.

Please at least 21 years old.

I look forward to our first

Dale  Flanagan # 0021853
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Release Date
Approximately 2 Years On Death Row
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